Joyful Acceptance January went just fine (not great, but okay) and I can joyfully accept that it is over.

February is bringing me into a practice of gratitude for all that I have – this big, full life. Sometimes the fact that it is so full is overwhelming and fills me with stress. This month is about noticing the fullness of life and feeling grateful for it. Each day, I hope to notice or reflect on something that makes my life big, fulfilling, lovely, satisfying.

Take a moment to reflect, especially when you’re stressed about something, about what part of what you are experiencing you would miss if you didn’t have that stressor in your life. Your kid is throwing a tantrum? Wow, how much they mean to you and you can’t imagine your life without them – loud, acting up, bringing chaos into your day. Even though the tantrum is awful, I can get through it with the perspective that this is just a tiny part of who this amazing little creature is and how much joy they ultimately bring to me.

It is a shift in perspective that I need more than just once a day, but I’ll start with that hope and see where the month takes me!