Here are five good reasons to preorder Brave New Mom through Kickstarter in the next 11 days!

  1. There will be a gap in time between the preorders and when the books are able to be ordered online, so preordering guarantees you will have the book first! The preordered books will be coming out right around Mother’s Day, so if you preorder you’ll have a great gift for a new mom you know. If you wait to order until it comes out on Amazon* or the Brave New Mom website, you’ll likely get your book later in May. *Note: If you have the means and care about the author, order through direct channels rather than through Amazon. Authors actually take a loss on books sold there because of Amazon’s deep discounts – it’s great for accessibility and getting books out to people worldwide, a little harder on authors. The direct route for this book will be at after preorders are closed!
  2. Any additional funds you pledge through Kickstarter go toward donating copies of the book to moms in need! Redleaf Center for Family Healing in Minneapolis is one site where we’ll donate copies of the book, if you have other agencies that might help get books to moms, please let us know!
  3. Your pledge through Kickstarter goes directly to getting these books printed! The independent publishing route is wonderful because an author gets to write the book they really truly want to write; however, it’s expensive! For Brave New Mom specifically, it was so worth the cost because I got to have some incredibly talented women (most of them mothers themselves) give feedback, edit, design, and publish the book. Also, the independent publisher I worked with is an awesome Black woman-owned company (check out Wise Ink Creative Publishers when you have a chance)!
  4. If you know a mom, you know someone who needs this book. Most of the practices and information in this book are not actually “new” mom specific – they are things that are useful for all of us moms, no matter where you are on your journey or how old your kids are! If “mom guilt” or “survival mode” are experiences you can identify with, you were the person I had in mind when I wrote this book. Make this book part of the self-care that (you’ll read over and over again) you absolutely need and deserve more of as a mom.
  5. I personally do a little happy dance every time I get a preorder or support for the book! I think of you specifically, and I send a little “thank you!” gratitude thought bubble to you right then, in that moment. Now, while I hope to still do this every time someone orders a book after preorders are closed, I’m not sure I’ll catch them all, or will always know if you specifically buy the book! I want to do that little happy dance and send you that personal “thank you!”

Preorder or support now through April 15: