Being a mom is amazing! It’s also really hard.

You’re emotional, you’re recovering and maybe in physical pain, you don’t really know what you’re doing, and you have this helpless little baby that you have to bring home and keep alive!

When I was a new mom, I did not feel very brave. I felt incredibly tired, incompetent, emotional, and way out of my element. I realized, after connecting with many other new moms in therapy and in my personal life, that this is a really common experience and very few of us have enough preparation or emotional support during those first months as a mom.

I want to introduce you to my book, Brave New Mom. I wrote this book as a way to share some tools for getting through the postpartum phase so you can feel better about yourself through it. I hope the book will feel like a warm blanket or a safety net for any other new moms who need more care and support. The book is about practicing a new way of thinking about yourself, accepting and allowing your feelings, and working toward validation and compassion for yourself during this really difficult emotional time.

The book is based on research and practice, so there are lots of opportunities to reflect and journal about yourself and your experience, so that you can get better acquainted with yourself in this new role in motherhood. 

I wanted this book and the online community that comes along with it to be a place new moms go in the middle of the night when they have worries – an oasis of calm, caring, and communal support. This book and its mindful approach to new motherhood are here to show you that you’re not in this alone and that you’re really doing great.

I want new moms to see themselves as brave, capable, and not just surviving but enjoying more moments of this new and awe-inspiring life.

I want this book to help more of us feel like the Brave New Moms that we are!

Praise for Brave New Mom

“Dr. Everts has done a beautiful job here speaking to the transformative experience of new motherhood. Any new mother would benefit from having her heart-felt and compassionate voice as a guide through this life experience.”

– Bryce Reddy LMHC, The MomBrain Therapist 

“Reading this book is like having a sister who also happens to be an expert in mental health for new mothers! The gentle guidance offered by Dr. Everts provides compassion and clarity when mothers are often feeling overwhelmed and left to figure things out on their own. As a mother who struggled as a new parent, I will be giving this book as a gift to every new mother I know.” 

– Sandra Maurer, E-RYT, CD, Co-founder of Terra Firma Wellness

“This book is a wonderful gift for any new or expecting mom. Filled with self-reflection exercises and outlook-changing advice, Everts speaks to the postpartum experience with warmth and understanding.”

– Tiffany Sun, Chief Content Officer, Happify Health


Whether you’re a new mom or a not-so-new mom, we’d love to have you for a weekly book club with Jessie Everts, PhD LMFT, therapist/mom and author of Brave New Mom: A Survival Guide for Mindfully Navigating Postpartum Motherhood! We’ll go through the book one chapter a week, and meet for an hour on Tuesday afternoons to discuss, share stories and experiences, practice a little bit of mindfulness and self-care, and support each other. 

8 weeks = 8 chapters

Cost of 8-week group: $75 (if book is needed), $50 if you already have your copy (

Interested? Email to see when the next group starts!

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How To Book Jessie for Speaking Engagements

Jessie Everts, PhD LMFT is a renowned speaker on postpartum wellness, self-care, and family life. Here are a list of topics on which Dr. Everts has speaking experience:

  • Perinatal and postpartum wellness
  • Mom-life balance
  • Self-care and self-compassion
  • Family dynamics and social support
  • Partner relationships and parenthood
  • Mindfulness and contemplative practices (Registered Yoga and mindfulness teacher – RYT)
  • Mental health – at home, in the workplace, in life in general
  • Trauma-responsive and Trauma-informed care and spaces
  • Co-occurring disorders and Behavioral Health (mental health and addiction care)
  • Social Determinants of Health 

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